Ted Wheeler's Pop Quiz

Good answers by Ted Wheeler ["Testing Ted," WW, Dec. 28, 2016]. No on Measure 97—it was hastily conceived. No on a rent freeze, which is a quick answer to a complex problem. And good answer on the Office of Neighborhood Involvement—let's hope we can claw back that money into the budget.

Come on, Ted. We're hoping you'll get back to the basics and put this city on a better path for the working middle class, not just 22-year-old transplants.

—"Mark F"

Ted Wheeler does not want to rock the boat, or upset his corporate backers. He's more of the same.

—Anne Uumellmahaye

After the Great Hales Homeless Disaster, Wheeler will be a welcome addition.

—"Concerned Citizen"

Goodbye, Charlie Hales

It was either Charlie Hales or Jefferson (her-face-ran-into-my-closed-fist) Smith; and so, you go with Hales ["Bon Voyage, Charlie Hales," WW, Dec. 28, 2016]. This was after Sam Adams sold off the city's road-paving equipment and raided the Water Bureau for bio-ditch money.

Ted Wheeler seems like he has some direction, but he also is talking of belt-tightening (let's see how long this lasts, as it didn't last but a blink of an eye with Hales; after this, he became a wind sock).

—Bob Clark

The illustration with this story was such an insult to Ronald McDonald. At least Ronald has the self-respect to sponsor housing for those seeking medical help for their families. Charlie Hales cannot get any sort of housing done for anybody.

Thank you, Ronald McDonald House!


Proposed Renter Aid

When John DiLorenzo shows up with an idea to help low-income people, pretty good chance he's full of it [Murmurs: "Landlords Propose Renter Aid Program," WW, Dec. 28, 2016]. He has made a career of defending polluters, and now he's shilling for landlords.

—JD Mulvey

John DiLorenzo, thank you for trying to find a solution.

It's too bad that those in elected politics and who earn money off elected officials spend their time trying to create negative messaging against those they perceive as threats and who are outstanding at bringing people to the table to find solutions.

Protecting renters and keeping the peace is what we appreciate.


The Year in Numbers

This definitely shows the changing state of the city. Good or bad, growth is imminent.

—Debbie Lusk

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