Lake Oswego business owner and conservative insult writer Kevin Kerwin has closed his computer repair shop, and has announced that he'll move to a red state, according to The Oregonian

A sign on the shop's window reads:

“Thank You Lake Oswego

For 10 Years of Awesome

I’ve moved my Shop to a Red State

So I can enjoy the next 8 years with

My Fellow Deplorables – Go Trump

We Won Get Over It”

Kerwin has become a local celebrity for his scabrous posters supporting President Donald Trump and deriding Portland progressives. He organized a March 4 rally in support of Trump. He dropped out before the march, which devolved into incoherent animal noises, and was attended by a Klan leader. 

WW reached Kerwin by phone this morning. When asked which red state he was moving to, Kerwin replied: "Why do you want to know? So you can send your liberal idiots after me?"

"I'm moving to be with people like me. Portland has turned into a sewer of liberals," Kerwin tells WW.

Kerwin wanted to reiterate that he did not go out of business, but simply moved his shop.

"I shut down a perfectly good capital business so I can move to a different place where people love each other," he says. "I didn't want to be next to the sewer called Portland after the rally in Lake Oswego. What's wrong with you people?"

Kerwin says that Portland was "tolerable" up until two years ago.

"Californians are leaving California because the liberals have destroyed that state and now they're coming up to Oregon," he says. "I'm going to a red state where people are fiscally conservative, know hot to budget things and know how to celebrate Trump's victory."

Kerwin first gained attention in 2012 for placing signs on his computer shop window that read:

“Hey Obama



I’m KevintheGeek and I approve this message.”
“To All Ignorant Liberals Including Bruce Springsteen…

The 4 People Who Kidnapped & Tortured a Disabled Teenager

Just Because He Supports Donald Trump

Just Shows Everyone You Are a Party of Complete Morons

I’m Embarrassed to Call You Americans

Go Straight to Hell Where You Belong. We’ve had it With You Idiots.”

He then organized the pro-Trump march, which went about as one would expect. When asked about the march, Kerwin called WW "morons" and "anarchists."

Kerwin has also been criticized in the past for several racist posts and inadequate computer repair service.

“I’ve dealt with you fuckers for 10 years and all those review sites and I never cared because the conservatives came to my shop. I’ve had it with you people,” Kerwin says. “You guys are nothing but Nazis.”