Your vote matters in every election. In this one, it may matter more than usual.

As of this morning, voter turnout in this month's election hovered at 14 percent, with five days left before ballots are counted May 16.

That means only a fraction of citizens are voting on the $790 million Portland Public Schools bond—the largest school construction bond in state history—or on the races that will determine a direction for a troubled Portland School Board and the rarely scrutinized Multnomah Education Service District.

But you still can.

Mail-in ballots must be in the hands of Multnomah County elections officials by 8 pm on May 16. The last day to mail them is today—if the mail carrier already came, it's too late. From here on out, you'll have to drop them off in the boxes set up at locations that include county library branches.

Maybe you need a little help. That's what our endorsements are for.

WW's endorsements are unique for allowing candidates and the backers of ballot measures the chance to make their case in group interviews—all of them captured on camera.

You can watch the full interviews, and read the reasoning behind our picks, at the link below.