Your favorite little lost lost pig is now up for adoption. 

Last week, someone bought a Vietnamese potbelly pig to Multnomah County Animal Services after they found it wandering around near Powell Butte. The shelter is allowed to keep animals for up to 72 hours before determining next steps, which in many cases, is adoption.

The person who brought the pig in had named him Chris P. Bacon; officials at the shelter renamed him Humphrey. (We're not sure what he'll respond to.) Last week, a shelter office assistant told WW the pig was "the cutest thing ever", that he knew lots of tricks, like spinning around, and that he enjoyed eating carrots and grapes.

So far, the shelter has gotten a lot of calls, but nobody has stopped by to meet Humphrey or meet with an adoption officer, according to MCAS spokesperson Jay Levitre.

"We were going to do a first-come, first-serve list this morning and we got a lot of calls about Humphrey but strangely nobody has shown up to adopt him," he says. "I think it's a fun idea but i think some people may be a little intimidated by it."

Levitre says Humphrey would need enough space to get around, but says it's likely the pig has been a house pet at some point.

"He is fairly domesticated. We guess he's lived indoors and maybe with other house pets," he says. "We're looking for somebody who can adopt him in earnest. He's super cute and it would be a whimsical pet, but he needs a forever home."

Levitre encourages anyone who is seriously interested to come to the center to meet with an adoption officer. You can view Humphrey's adoption page here.

It is legal to have up to three pet pigs in the City of Portland, as long as they don't way more than 95 pounds and aren't more than 18 inches in height. Humphrey weighs about 65 pounds.