Today the Black Parent Initiative, the local non-profit led by Charles McGee since its founding in 2006, announced it was firing McGee in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Here's a statement from the organization:

The board of directors of BPI has terminated former CEO Charles McGee’s employment, effective immediately. As you know, last week BPI placed Mr. McGee on administrative leave pending an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct. During the course of the investigation, BPI’s board has learned of another sexual harassment complaint leveled at Mr. McGee. To protect the identity of the accuser, no additional information will be provided unless that person chooses to make a public statement. BPI will continue its investigations and as more facts are known, will share as appropriate with the BPI community.

The news comes a week after WW reported allegations of a 2012 sexual assault, allegedly committed by McGee and another man, Portland banker Aubre Dickson.

The BPI put McGee on administrative leave on the eve of the story's publication to do its own investigation and today, the organization apparently decided it had learned enough.

Meanwhile, WW reported today that the Portland Police Bureau has opened a criminal investigation into the allegations against McGee and Dickson.

McGee took his Facebook page down after the Feb. 7 story detailing allegations against him and Dickson by Naito-Campbell, as well as reporting on other incidents from his past. Yesterday, McGee restored that Facebook page to "unequivocally deny" the allegations against him.