Last week, WW wrote about the Democratic Socialists of America, a rapidly growing new political group in Portland ("The Socialist Network," WW, May 9, 2018). In two years, DSA membership has grown from five to 800 people—many of whom helped Southeast Portland Burgerville workers agitate for a historic vote to unionize last month. The DSA chapter is now preparing to gather signatures for a proposed environmental tax on corporate revenues, and its success will be a telling mark of its influence on Portland's left. Here's what readers had to say about the burgeoning movement.

Hunk, via "DSA will fragment and collapse before achieving any goal."

Kurt Chapman, via "Attempting a 'tax the rich' mentality might work with starry-eyed millennials, but not with folks who understand the real world."

Twelvizm, via Twitter: "The continued existence of human life on this planet is on a collision course with capitalism."

Candice Aiston, via Facebook: "I feel like Portland is a place where a lot of progressive action could happen, but there's always some form of self-sabotage in just about every group. It's frustrating."

Dunk, via "If you don't see anything wrong with capitalism, you're a dunderpate."

Haole_D, via Reddit: "Communism is not equal to socialism. Nobody is advocating for another Stalin."

Rexbrukholder, via "Socialism and democracy work well together in the majority of developed countries in the world, including in the U.S.—think about public education, public roads, public libraries, parks, etc."

Matt Williams, via Twitter: "Man…people really need to WAKE UP and see what's developing right under our noses. I can't believe the people that say capitalism doesn't work, but socialism does. Insane."

Tw34k, in response: "Capitalism doesn't work. It demands infinite growth on a finite, fragile planet. It demands maximal exploitation of workers and consistently rewards sociopathic behavior. Socialism is the future, my friend. There are no alternatives."

Dragon Energy Not Tired Of…, via Twitter: "Power to people who want to make money and empower themselves."

Mark Bongiorno, via Twitter: "Socialism doesn't work. These people just want shit for free."

SheriffEarp, in response: "No, Socialism is where everyone pays equally so there is some for all."


Last week's cover story incorrectly stated the dues to join the Democratic Socialists of America's Portland chapter. They are $45 a year, not $45 a month.