On Tuesday, Dec. 11, workers at a Burgerville on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard voted to become the third Portland-area store to form a union.

The vote came a month after workers presented the Vancouver, Wash-based company with a petition for formal recognition.

When Burgerville did not voluntarily recognize the union, workers filed for a federal union election with the National Labor Relations Board. A spokesperson for Burgerville, Chris Crabb, says employees voted 13 to 9 in favor of unionizing.

"Burgerville workers showed up today to say that we want a union at this shop," James Curry IV, a worker from the Hawthorne location, said in a statement, "and we are so ready to join our friends and coworkers at the bargaining table."

The union win comes eight months after employees at the chain's Southeast Powell Boulevard location voted to become the first fast food union in the nation, and follows a vote to unionize in May by employees of the Burgerville in Gladstone.

Union recognition legally obligates Burgerville to negotiate working terms with employees. Since April 2016, Burgerville Workers Union members have been calling for a $5 an hour raise and healthcare, among other demands.

According to a statement from the BVWU, a picket is scheduled to take place outside of the Hawthorne Burgerville on Monday, Dec. 17, to "demand corporate to stop dragging their feet at contract negotiations."

A call from BVWU to boycott the restaurant remains in place.

Crabb, Burgerville's spokesperson, says in response, "Burgerville remains committed to bargaining in good faith with the Burgerville Workers Union."