The day after Christmas, Portlander Colin O'Brady became the first person in history to traverse Antarctica solo, without the aid of mechanical propulsion or resupplies.

On Jan. 29, you can welcome him back to town by asking him all your burning questions about his 54-day trek.

The extreme adventurer will be hosted by the Oregon Historical Society and Mayor Ted Wheeler in a Q&A about his achievement.

Wheeler says, "I met Colin a number of years ago before he headed off on his Seven Summits record quest. He's not only a friend but someone I greatly admire. We've bonded over our mutual passion for endurance sports and climbing Everest."

O'Brady is the son of grocery pioneer Brian Rohter and former Portland mayoral candidate Eileen Brady.

In an interview about his journey with the New York Times last month, O'Brady described feeling like "the only tiny little thing out there in this endless sea of light."

Tickets for the conversation, which takes place at 5 pm at the Oregon Historical Society on Jan. 29, can be purchased here.