Yes, we know. Rumors of snowmageddon turned out to be just that: rumors.

But it might not be time to relax quite yet. According to the National Weather Service of Portland, heavy rainfall tonight and tomorrow morning could cause flooding in low-lying parts of the city.

Will Ahue, an NWS meteorologist, says the agency is also predicting with low confidence that snow could fall on Portland in the early-morning hours.

"Even if you don't wake up and see snow, it should be raining hard," Ahue says. "And that will definitely have big impact."

Ahue adds that areas along southeast Portland's Johnson Creek could experience some flooding around 5 am Tuesday morning.

"We're expecting heavy rain tomorrow," Ahue says, "with potential flooding and ponding of water in low-lying areas."

County officials have put out a reminder that warming shelters are still open for any resident in need.

"Despite forecasts showing temps at or above freezing," the county tweeted this afternoon, "icy winds could turn expected rains into significant snowfall at low elevations."