Portland's iconic Alpenrose Dairy has survived a family squabble.

The great-great grandchildren of Florian Cadonau, the man who started the dairy in 1891, today announced the dismissal of a lawsuit against their aunts, who had planned to sell the establishment.

As WW reported earlier this month, siblings Carl Cadonau III, Tracey Cadonau McKinnon and Cary Cadonau sued their aunts on claims that sale of Alpenrose violated the Cadonau Legacy Plan, which was meant to prevent the company from liquidation.

"We filed a lawsuit to prevent a sale that would have ended Alpenrose Dairy as we and the community know and love," the Cadonau siblings write in a statement today. "We are pleased to report that our collective efforts have resulted in the termination of the pending sale. Accordingly, there is no reason to continue the lawsuit. We are humbled by and deeply grateful for the support of the Alpenrose community."

The $35 million sale would have immediately ended community events at the farm and shuttered the dairy within two years.

The defendants in the lawsuit, Barbara Deeming and Anita Cadonau-Huseby say in a statement, "The property is not presently for sale, and there are no current plans to change public access to the property."

"The lawsuit, which was brought by three minority owners and members of our own family, has been harmful to the family and misleading to the community," the statement reads. "The plaintiffs voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit today, which we believe is a helpful step."