Dr. Jen Gunter wants to put Goop out of business.

The gynecologist has amassed a huge online following for bravely calling out companies like Goop, the "natural health company" owned by Gwyneth Paltrow, which sells things like vaginal jade eggs and coffee enema systems.

At her talk at TechfestNW today, Gunter elaborated on the harm of internet misinformation and companies like Paltrow's that sell products based on pseudoscience.

"Pseudoscience wants you to believe that the fantastical is true," Gunter says. "Like that you can recharge a vaginal jade egg with energy of the moon."

Gunter says that companies often sell products by telling people that their bodies are unclean or un-pure, and that this messaging leads to harmful health outcomes and influences legislation.

"Misinformation about women's bodies sells products, causes people to waste money, and causes women to have ideas that they need to be clean in ways they don't," Gunter says. "Fallacies about what happens to the body during pregnancy are also used to create laws that further control women's bodies."

Gunter says that ultimately her goal is to improve health outcomes for everyone by facilitating open and scientifically-guided conversations about vaginal health.

"Everybody has superpower and mine is that I'm brave," she says. "I learned to stand up to bullies at an early age, and I'm not afraid of Mike Pence."