In a new U.S. News ranking of states based on how well they perform for their citizens, Oregon ranks number 27.

That's a sharp decline from last year's Best States report, where Oregon was number 16.

The ranking measures states on health care, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, crime and corrections and natural environment.

Adding insult to injury: Washington is number one this year, with some of the best scores in health care and education, the two categories that were weighed most heavily.

New Hampshire is number two and Minnesota three. Louisiana is last on the list.

Oregon's below-average slot is due to low rankings in education and opportunity. But, the Beaver State did place higher than most U.S. states in terms of infrastructure (energy, internet access and transportation) and economy.

Here's Oregon's full report card:

Overall: 27

Health care: 17

Education: 36

Economy: 5

Infrastructure: 1

Opportunity: 43

Fiscal stability: 40

Crime and corrections: 44

Natural environment: 30