Oregon Senate Republican leader Herman Baertschiger, Jr. told reporters this morning his caucus will come back to work.

"I anticipate Senate Republicans will be on the floor tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock," Baertschiger said.

The Senate Republicans walked out on June 20 for the second time this session in order to deny the quorum necessary for passing bills.

More than 100 bills remain in the queue, including several budget bills for state agencies; among them, the Department of Human Services.

The Senate Republicans return to work with little time left in the session that is required by the Oregon Constitution to end June 30 at midnight. The session can be extended for five days by a two-thirds vote of each chamber, although nobody is keen to do that.

"Our mission in walking out of this building was to kill cap and trade," Baertschiger said. "That's what our constituents wanted and that's what we did."

He added that there are no agreements in place as to what or how business will be conducted between now and the scheduled end of the session.