Last week, WW tested new rules approved by the Portland City Council a year ago that allow patrons to go through fast-food drive-thrus without cars ("Happy Wheels," WW, July 24, 2019). Few other cities require businesses to serve cyclists and pedestrians at drive-thrus, and city officials say they aren't aware of any complaints since the new rules went into effect. Here's what readers had to say about our bike, foot and scooter tour of Portland fast-food restaurants.

Serenity Ebert, via Facebook: "I love riding through drive-thrus. I've only ridden through a few, but rarely had any issues besides my trike not activating the sensor."

Steve Nahaj, via Twitter: "I did this years ago as an experiment with friends. 'What…is your car broken down?' was the cashier's response."

Courtney Sherwood, via Facebook: "I never understood why they would care about your method of conveyance. A customer is a customer."

Tony Jankowski, via "When I ran a restaurant, the issue wasn't providing food to people on foot or bicycle or otherwise. The rules were in place due to insurance restrictions. They didn't want to cover people if some idiot drove through them while standing in the drive-thru. It has certainly happened."

Can't Make This Up, via Twitter: "I'm not too proud to attest that this is false at the West Burnside McDonald's and Taco Bell."

Frank Liess, via Facebook: "I once saw a guy go through a McDonald's drive-thru on a horse in Nebraska."

Matthew Schneider, via Facebook: "Why would you need a policy for this? Why would any business want to deny business to bikes and pedestrians?"

Teresa Isle Fry, via Facebook: "Just as long as the customers in cars are not drunk or distracted."

Nico Allen, via Facebook: "I am all for policies that allow non-motorists equal access to services, but at the same time, people should be extremely cautious at the late-night drive-thru. I once did a stint working third shift at a fast-food chain for some extra money, and it was the same thing every night as soon as the bars closed: a bunch of shitfaced douchebags slurring their fourth meal and speeding up to the window with scant regard for what was around the corner."

Robert Husseman, via Twitter: "Oh man! I was blown away when employees of Super Deluxe let me go through when I arrived via bike at 9:59 p.m. They were really nice about it!"