Danelle Romain is keeping her seven- and nine-year-old kids out of downtown Portland on Saturday during what police warn could be violent and unpredictable protests. That means she's losing $240.

The Portland lawyer and lobbyist has tickets for her family of four to see Broadway Portland's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Keller Auditorium, but says when she learned about the rally the right-wing group the Proud Boys were planning in the same area she called Portland'5 Center for the Arts for a refund.

She's not the only Portlander who has had to alter plans to avoid the looming clash between the right-wing group the Proud Boys and antifascist counterprotesters.

Other events—such as the Portland Thorns' waterfront run and Kells Irish Pub annual live boxing match—have been moved or canceled.

"Hundreds of children will be descending on downtown Saturday afternoon," Romain says. "It seems like an irresponsible decision at best, dangerous at worst."

Romain wasn't issued a refund for the $50 tickets, and Portland'5 spokesperson Tracy Wenckus says the show will not be canceled.

"On Saturday, we will have an increased security presence at Keller Auditorium, which is outside of the planned area for the rally," Wenkus says. "The Portland Police are very aware that there are multiple events happening in the city, and that we expect sold out crowds for our Saturday performances. We encourage everyone to allow extra time when traveling to the theater in the event of traffic delays."

Romain isn't satisfied with that response.

"I think it's a very dangerous situation," she says. "I'm concerned about being out $240 but I'm not going to bring my kids downtown. I'm making a choice to lose the money."