With Another 2.5 Inches, Portland Could Break Rainfall Records For the Month of September

It's time to welcome the rain.

Summer is dead. It's time to welcome the rain.

This month, Portland could see record rainfall for September. According to the National Weather Service of Portland, this is one of only 11 years since 1940 that the city has received over three inches of rain during the month of September. So far, Portland has seen 3.12 inches of rain.

It would still need to rain another 2.5 inches for the city to break its September record, which was recorded in 2013.

Rebecca Muessle, an NWS meteorologist, says it's too soon to say if that will happen. But she says there are more heavy rainstorms heading this way this weekend.

"We're expecting another bout of rain on Sunday," she says. "And we think there's going to be a significant amount, but whether or not we get two inches is unlikely."

She continues: "We still have 11 days left in September and there are still storm systems we are watching that could bring more rain."

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