Embattled U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland flew home to Portland tonight after changing his testimony to a Congressional committee investigating President Donald Trump.

Sondland, a Portland hotelier, received a Little Beirut welcome: a small throng of protesters followed him him to the Portland International Airport baggage claim. They were carrying signs and chanting.

"Gordon Sondland, tell the truth," they chanted. "Hey, Gordon Sondland, we're watching you."

Television cameras were also watching. WW's news partner KATU-TV has footage.

Sondland's return to Portland capped a historic day for the Portland businessman. His revised testimony in the House impeachment inquiry shocked Capitol Hill and raised the stakes for Trump.

Sondland had previously said he didn't recall any quid pro quo from the White House to Ukrainian officials. But today, Sondland testified that he had delivered exactly that: a demand that Ukraine announce an investigation into one of the president's political opponents in exchange for military aid.

"I didn't change my testimony," he told a KATU reporter, "but I can't answer any questions."

Exit, pursued by a Portlander. (KATU-TV)
Exit, pursued by a Portlander. (KATU-TV)