Was it a plane? A meteor? A UFO?

Police today are investigating a fireball that fell from the sky in rural Polk County in central Oregon, KOIN News first reported. (Polk County is about an hour southwest of Portland.) The flaming mass was caught on camera last night. The Polk County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post today that it was originally reported as a plane crash.

But, PCSO said it has "utilized all available aviation tracking systems and no planes have been lost."

Officers plan to "utilize aircraft" to search for the fireball. PCSO said the location and "exactly what the fireball is," is still unknown.

Facebook users, however, have some ideas.

"They are among us," one user wrote. "[Holding] off until tomorrow so they can let the government retrieve the crashed spaceship in the wee hours of the night," speculated another.

We'll let you decide if a "raid Polk County" movement is necessary.