We're living in Gordon Sondland's world now.

This is not hyperbole. No Portlander has ever before assumed such a crucial role on the national stage—and certainly never with such grave stakes. For months, an impeachment inquiry has tightened its net around the Portland hotelier turned diplomat—and on Wednesday, he wriggled free as the world watched. Our Houdini escaped by implicating all his friends in the White House.

The New Yorker put it succinctly: "On Wednesday morning, an obscure millionaire from Portland who was such an amateur at international diplomacy that one of his colleagues compared him to a car careening down a mountain road without a G.P.S. or guard rails, came as close as anyone has yet to blowing up the Presidency of Donald Trump."

Sondland isn't just the inquiry's crucial—if unreliable—witness. He's also an irresistible dramatic character. He arrived in Congress on the most consequential day of his life wearing a smirk. His evident self-delight and self-amusement suggested a man who's been waiting his whole life for this much attention. He did not appear to care about any principles greater than Gordon Sondland. And now President Trump may be undone by his mirror image from Oregon.

It's worth taking a moment this Sunday to view the impact Sondland has made on the national landscape. Here are a few highlights.