A snowstorm is headed toward Southwest Oregon tomorrow and could bring a dusting to Portland.

According to the National Weather Service, a strong storm is forecasted to hit the state tomorrow evening, dumping over the cascades and in Southern Oregon. Dan Miller, a NWS meteorologist, says it's difficult to say whether or not there will be snowfall in the metro area.

Miller says to expect, "steady rain during the day tomorrow," and predicts that "the best chance of snow mixing [in with rain] in the metro area is going to be sometime overnight tomorrow night or during the day Wednesday."

Further south, Miller says the chance of snowfall is much higher. People driving south on Wednesday or Thursday for the holiday are cautioned to prepare for icy conditions.

"We urge people to stay abreast of the latest forecasts tonight and tomorrow," Miller says. "The storm is going to have a really significant impact on southern Oregon—around Ashland and Medford areas and the Southern Cascades."