Last week, WW wrote about allegations of bullying, cheating and abuse at Nike ("Don't Worry, Be Nike," Nov. 20, 2019). The company's elite running program, the Nike Oregon Project, faces intense scrutiny after track phenom Mary Cain released a video alleging verbal abuse and body shaming by coach Alberto Salazar. He's also been banned from competition for four years by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Yet Nike's employees haven't walked out or protested—and won't talk to the press. Their silence raises questions about what Portland values. Here's what readers had to say.

Eavan Moore, via Facebook: "Talk shit about your employer? In this economy?"

Mike Constant, via Twitter: "I know people that are embarrassed about it but can't talk about it. Side note: I divested from Nike after the book University of Nike."

Lacey Jane Cahoj, via Facebook: "We're living in an economic climate where the company names on a résumé keep you relevant in a highly competitive labor market. Alienating a huge corporate entity like Nike can mean career death (as a present or former employee)."

Mavis Kleinman, via Facebook: "Boycott Nike."

Chelsea Rose, via Facebook: "Leave them alone. Not everyone can find a career that both fulfills them morally and actually supports them in our absurdly inflated housing market. Show dissatisfaction by not shopping Nike, not by shitting on people trying to make a living."

James Ta-Dao, via Facebook: "Nike is and has been a terrible company for a long time. Its culture is horribly oppressive. I hated working there, but I might still have to go back because there simply aren't enough other jobs in the area."

Karellen Stephens, via "This is the company of Colin Kaepernick social justice after all. You would think that the employees would have a lot to say."

Brian Riley, via Facebook: "Not all Nike employees are 'woke' millennials who live with their parents."

Patrick Bright, via Facebook: "Because a lot of people are more concerned about paying bills than worrying about purity tests."

Peter Rinko, via Facebook: "Nike sucks. It doesn't take much to know that. There are plenty of other brands out there far more deserving of your hard-earned dollars."

Tracy Badgett Thomas, via Facebook: "Nike pays them. They work. Pretty cut and dry."

Debra Stewart, via Facebook: "They need to pay their rent."

TJ, via "I am highly supportive of holding massive corporations accountable for their actions—but I do NOT support disparaging the many hard-working, good, honest people that work for them."

Sara Germano, via Twitter: "Insightful deep dive about Nike's recent scandals and which poses the question of why employees aren't speaking out."