It might finally be here, Portland. The great snowstorm of 2020.

National Weather Service hydrologist Andy Bryant tells WW that the metro area could get a whopping inch of snow tonight and tomorrow morning.

"Some areas will probably get nothing," Bryant says, "others could get an inch or two."

Bryant says snow tonight likely won't stick on roads, but that continued snowfall Tuesday night has the chance to complicate Wednesday morning commutes.

"Tuesday night and Wednesday looks like the main threat of snow in the metro area," Bryant says. "There's a good chance that Wednesday morning's commute could be complicated by snow."

Bryant adds that the forecast shows cold weather, and potential sticking snow, through Thursday, with temperatures warming up by Friday and bringing rain.

Travel outside of Portland is still not a great idea, however. The Cascades passes got 50 inches of snow this weekend, while Timberline got 47 inches. Snow is expected to continue all week in the Cascades and the Coast Range.