Last week, WW wrote about Northwest Portland’s new “slow zone,” which is now one of the largest of any U.S. city (“The 20 MPH Zone,” Jan. 15, 2020). Earlier this month, the Portland Bureau of Transportation finished installing 20 mph signs in a 1.6-square-mile area from Northwest Couch to Upshur streets and west of Naito Parkway to Pittock Mansion. Here’s what readers had to say.

David Powell, via Facebook: “Complain about traffic while creating traffic. Seek alternative forms of transportation, the planet will be grateful.”

Greg Layman, via Facebook: “Portland is quickly becoming one of the most car-unfriendly cities in the nation.”

Ziggy Ratsnest, via “20 mph is as fast, if not faster, as the average Portland citizen can handle. Higher speeds cause too much confusion, which leads to despair and blaming of others for angst and panic attacks.”

Royce Reid, via Facebook: “Thank you, Portland, for making casual driving in inner Northwest a bad idea. Keep it up!”

Cory Elia, via Twitter: “Cool, these Portland drivers don’t even know how to handle a vehicle anyways.”

Brian Carey, via Facebook: “I’ll trade my car in for a horse and buggy.”

Duane Vrieling, via “As if Portland drivers needed any help in being less effective. It’s already a struggle to get them to go when the light turns green, or turn right on a red. Now this?”

Claudia Frace, via Facebook: “You have to drive slow everywhere in Portland…bicyclists and pedestrian elitists everywhere!”

Theresa Jolly, via Facebook: “This neighborhood is very tight and congested! And has limited visibility on many corners! No one should be ‘zipping’ through the neighborhood!”

Mark, via “Got a better solution, I just will not come there. How do you like that?”

Danny O’Connor, via Facebook: “How ’bout no cars on 23rd?”

Drew Schlomas, via Facebook: “Portland, the city whose official policy is to make driving as excruciating as possible.”