In our endorsement issue for the November election, WW endorsed incumbent Mayor Ted Wheeler in the most competitive mayoral runoff this city has seen in years. His challenger, Sarah Iannarone, is a former small business owner who has been outspoken on social media about Wheeler's failures in office, particularly his handling of the nightly protests against police brutality that have gone on since late May. Meanwhile, local activists are running a write-in campaign for Teressa Raiford, the founder of Don't Shoot Portland and a longtime community organizer. Here's what our readers had to say about our endorsement of Wheeler: 

Jacob via "Ted Wheeler is a do-nothing mayor. He has done nothing to rein in nightly police violence against protesters. He has done nothing for homelessness—just sweeps of camps that push people around the city like whack-a-mole. He has no plan for citywide housing, like Sarah Iannarone does. Further, Ted Wheeler has repeatedly broken campaign finance laws during the election. I thought Willamette Week actually had progressive values, but instead they endorse Ted because of 'experience.' The only thing he's experienced at is sitting on his hands, supporting powerful businesses and bowing to an unchecked and out-of-control police force."

@iamsamantic via Twitter: "My vote for @sarahforpdx has been informed by your critical reporting on the mayor's missteps and governing style over the last four years. Absolutely wild endorsement here in light of that reporting."

@Obelisk23 via Twitter: "They're just being realistic. Sarah won't be better for Portland. Ted is just more of the same mediocre leadership. Sarah will throw the gas can on a fire and it will get worse. It's also hard to support someone who lies about their graduate degree. I've never heard of a Ph.D. ABD."

@muuurrcris via Instagram: "Tear Gas Teddy is such a cowardly choice, WW. If you want change, you don't reelect the person who failed to bring about that change."

Leo Lancer via "We have all gone through the hell of having an unqualified bully who lies as our president. Why would Portlanders vote for an unqualified, lying bully for mayor? Sarah sneers at everyone who disagrees with her from her social media pulpit, while she arrogantly demands the wheel, despite never having driven. She is a budding equivalent to Trump. If you are thinking about voting for her, please, look at her behavior closely and objectively. I know I'd like a better choice of who to vote for too, but she is not better than Ted. She lies about her credentials. She's an incredible critic, but she's never accomplished anything. Her lack of diplomacy will make her a terrible mayor."

David Edward DeAinza via Facebook: "Not buying Sarah's 'vision' and no experience to run a major city. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't."

@more_chairs via Instagram: "In your article you claim Teressa Raiford lacks the expertise her two mayoral opponents do, but fail to expand on what these skills she lacks are. Is navigating a grassroots campaign throughout the city for five years not enough? Her legal battles with the city of Portland not enough?"

@terrehaunt via Instagram: "Thinking the mess is broken windows instead of a broken system is your problem, WW. This is racist AF."

Correction: In our endorsement for Multnomah County Circuit Court judge, WW incorrectly stated that Adrian Brown has more state court experience than Rima Ghandour. In fact, Brown has more federal court experience, and Ghandour has more state court experience. WW regrets the error.

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