Mayor Ted Wheeler continued to add to his staff as he begins his second term.

Wheeler announced today that the current director of the city's Office of Equity and Human Rights, Dr. Markisha Smith, will spend some of her time in his office as his adviser on racial justice and equity.

"Adding Dr. Smith to my team ensures her work will be given the platform it needs," Wheeler said in a statement. "She will provide valuable expertise to my office and will help us center equity as we implement my second term agenda."

Smith joined the city from the Oregon Department of Education in 2019.

"Over the years, the Office of Equity team has helped build the foundation of racial justice in the City," Smith said in a statement. "With this new role, I look forward to helping Mayor Wheeler and City Council further institutionalize equity in the city's policies and culture to better serve our currently and historically systemically oppressed communities."

Wheeler also made official the hiring of former Mayor Sam Adams, a decision WW reported earlier this week. Adams will serve as Wheeler's director of strategic innovation.

"Sam's knowledge of Portland City Hall and his track record of action and getting things done is much welcomed," Wheeler said. "He's innovative, smart and energetic. He will play an important role in advancing my second-term priorities."