We’re Keeping the Spotlight on an Investigation of a Police Leak

The mayor’s office says it doesn’t know what Officer Brian Hunzeker did.

106 DAYS: That’s how long ago Officer Brian Hunzeker resigned from his role as president of the Portland Police Association due to what the union described as a “serious, isolated mistake related to the [Portland] Police Bureau’s investigation into the alleged hit-and-run by Commissioner [Jo Ann] Hardesty.”

We still don’t know what he did. The mayor’s office says it doesn’t know what he did. Hunzeker has been on paid administrative leave since May 27.

117 DAYS: That’s how long it’s been since the Police Bureau opened an internal affairs investigation into the leak of information that wrongly implicated Commissioner Hardesty in a March 3 hit-and-run crash. It has released no results of its inquiry.

105 DAYS: That’s how long it’s been since the city signed a contract to hire an outside investigative firm to probe the leak.

Editor’s note: It is unusual for WW to track the timeline of such investigations, but the circumstances themselves are unusual: A veteran police officer and union president abruptly resigned from his union leadership role in connection with information leaked about an elected official. Meanwhile, he was assigned to work the patrol unit in the North Precinct until being placed on administrative leave. We believe Portlanders have a right to know what Hunzeker did that led to his resignation, and we believe it is critical to put pressure on public officials and law enforcement leaders who might prefer that the public forget about it. We will continue to publish this column until we know what Hunzeker did.