Portland Gun Violence Claims Two Cousins Close to the Wu-Tang Clan

David Turner, called Murdock, and Odion Turner, known as 12 O’Clock, performed with the group Brooklyn Zu.

A shooting near Northeast 82nd Avenue early Tuesday, Aug. 10, killed two men and wounded four others. Today, police and survivors say that the two men who died were rappers with family ties to the Wu-Tang Clan: 45-year-old David Turner, called Murdock, and 42-year-old Odion Turner, known as 12 O’Clock.

Both were rappers who performed with the group Brooklyn Zu and were affiliates of the Wu-Tang Clan, the seminal New York hip-hop group.

The Portland Police Bureau said officers responded to reports of gunshots on Northeast Milton Street, between 82nd and 84th avenues, at around 5:19 am. When police arrived, they found two men dead and four people injured. One remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The deaths of David and Odion Turner have been ruled homicides.

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Records show Odion Turner’s most recent address was in Orlando, Fla., but he previously lived in Vancouver, Wash. David Turner lived in Durham, N.C.

The men were cousins to one another, and cousins with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard, or ODB. ODB’s son, who performs under the name Young Dirty Bastard, confirmed the connection on his Instagram account, writing “Rip 12 O’Clock. Rip Murdock. They were my father’s tightest blood bonds. My two older cousins were just assassinated. Love Yalllll. Blood forever.”

Odion Turner’s son Divine Turner posted a screengrab of a track from the Nutty Professor soundtrack—a collaboration between 12 O’Clock and Raekwon called “Nasty Immigrants,” in which 12 O’Clock raps, “In 2006 / I got my son makin’ hits,” and “I’m family ties / for my seeds I’d die.”

Correction: An earlier version of this post transposed the aliases of David Turner and Odion Turner. It has been updated with the correct aliases. WW regrets the error.