All the News That’s Not Fitting in Our Allotted Time

There is just too much stuff going on in Portland.

I have a confession for you. I have no idea how long 90 seconds is.

That’s obvious if you’ve heard our Dive podcast episodes recently. When we do our weekly rundown of the biggest stories of the week, that segment is called the 90 Second News Flash. But lately, it’s been more like the 300 Second News Flash.

But, folks: That’s not my fault. There is just too much stuff going on in Portland.

Accusations are flying around the spending of tax dollars intended for the homeless—and the money hasn’t even arrived yet. The Portland Thorns front office is confronted with the gravest crisis in team history. And each day sees the setup of another fierce race for control of local and state offices in 2022.

It’s a good time to be covering the news—if you like staying busy.

On this episode of the Dive podcast, we start you off with all of those stories. But we go beyond that—we also bring you the story behind a WW exclusive. This week, we talked to reporter Tess Riski as she took us inside a coastal poaching ring. Tess has a nose for true crime stories, and she worked for several weeks to bring us a fascinating tale about texts, dead animals, and one dude with an illegal taste for elk. It’s a must-read, and our 41st episode is a must-listen.

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