Ron Wyden Explains the Debt Ceiling

With each passing day, December comes a little bit closer.

December is coming.

Earlier this month, when a vote loomed in Congress on whether to raise the debt ceiling, lawmakers on Capitol Hill responded the same way I would in high school when I had an essay due: procrastinate. They voted not to solve the issue today, but rather to kick the can down the road and vote on the debt ceiling in December.

With each passing day, December comes a little bit closer. If they do not vote to increase the debt ceiling, untold repercussions will take place as the U.S. government runs out of money. I wanted to know just exactly what we were up against. So I invited the senior U.S. senator from Oregon and chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Ron Wyden, onto the Dive podcast to answer my questions about the debt ceiling. We talk about Mitch McConnell, what would happen if the debt ceiling isn’t increased, and got the senator’s takes on other local stories. (Which, by the way, we fully update at the start of the show.)

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