There’s an Overlap Between Chronic Homelessness and What Oregon Does Worst

Oregon needs brain injury rehab beds. Why do hospitals and nursing homes oppose them?

In Oregon, a state heralded for its recreational outdoor lifestyle, a state whose largest city has a massive community of bike riders, there is a chronic shortage of rehab beds for patients with brain injuries. How?

Despite the intersection of untreated brain trauma and our crisis of untreated mental illness and homelessness, powerful interests in health care don’t want the situation to change. Why?

Today, reporter Nigel Jaquiss and I are talking about his cover story, “Free Fall,” the story of Dave Nichols’ experience navigating traumatic brain injury rehab in Oregon. Nigel will also untangle the causes and effects of Oregon’s dearth of brain trauma rehab beds, explain why Oregon lags behind other states, and introduce us to who’s doing what to fix the problem.

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