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After Demands by Black Dancers, Union Jacks Strip Club Agrees to Cultural Sensitivity Training and Listening Sessions

Strike organizers say the change is a result of “boots on the ground” work by dancers.

After receiving pressure from a collective of Black dancers, Union Jacks strip club has agreed to meet the demands of the Portland Stripper Strike.

On June 16, WW wrote about the strike, which is demanding that Portland strip clubs require cultural sensitivity training on a regular basis for all club staff, owners and management; ensure that Black dancers get fair hiring opportunities and desirable shifts; and require owners and managers to participate in listening sessions with Black dancers to learn about their experiences working at Portland clubs.

Nearly 30 local clubs had agreed to meet the demands. One club, Union Jacks on East Burnside, refused to comply. But after what Portland Stripper Strike organizer Cat Hollis describes as "boots on the ground" work by local dancers in the past two days, the club has come around, Hollis announced Thursday.

The Portland Stripper Strike had planned to picket outside Union Jacks on Friday, June 19. The strike is now called off.

"Pure joy. Thank you, Union Jacks, for showing us that change is possible. Thank you to all the dancers who risked it for the biscuit," the Portland Stripper Strike wrote in an Instagram post announcement Thursday.

Union Jacks did not respond immediately to WW's request for comment on its decision.