Last week, WW profiled Arcimoto, a Eugene company making two-passenger, three-wheeled, doorless electric cars, and its founder, Mark Frohnmayer (“The Electric Three-Wheel Acid Test,” April 7, 2021). In February, Arcimoto’s stocks soared and bumped the company’s valuation to $1.25 billion, one of the highest in the state. Here’s what our readers had to say:

Ray Bailey, via Facebook: “So an Oregonian invented an open-air, three-wheel car that is practical for maybe four months of an Oregon year…”Michael Miller, via Facebook: “Think about this in developing or smaller, more urban settings? Look at how many trikes, tuk-tuks, and scooters there are? This is the next step up. It’s potentially HUGE!”

Steve Gatt, via Facebook: “At $12,000, it’s still too expensive to be ‘disruptive.’”

@TobikoRice, via Twitter: “Used Nissan Leaf: 60-mile range, leather, $8K.”

@nootelluh, via Twitter: “Bicycle: $250. Recharges with snacks.”

Glenda King, via Facebook: “I like to be warm and cozy in my car. This FUV looks like it would be pretty cold and definitely not rainproof. Where are multiple items/packages stored when running multiple errands?”

David Raboin, via Facebook: “Every comment on this article: ‘I need a dangerous, large vehicle to protect me from the other dangerous, large vehicles.’”

BRR, via “Doors are ‘heavy, costly, and hard to build’? Dude, it rains here. Figure out how to make doors.”

Fred and Joan Booth, via “When he ditched the steering wheel, he lost our interest in his EV.”

Paris John Sinclair, via Facebook: “It isn’t worth a billion dollars. Mark Frohnmayer built a company. The company was worth a billion dollars at its historical highest share price. I checked, and currently the market capitalization (total worth) of the stock is $448M. The company is not worth even half a billion. And it still has negative earnings, so they’ve got a lot of work left to do for the company to have real value.”

But_test_everything, via “Designing the Fun Utility Vehicle with three wheels, handlebars, and no doors keeps it classified as a motorcycle in most states. This exempts it from federal and state safety standards applicable to passenger cars and autocycles. Fun.”


Due to an editor’s error, a story on COVID-19 vaccinations (“Vaccine Now,” WW, April 7, 2021) incorrectly stated that Gov. Brown announced a changed vaccine timeline after President Biden issued his directive. In fact, she made her announcement after news broke of the president’s directive but before Biden made his speech. The governor’s office says Brown made her decision after consulting with the White House on April 5. WW regrets the error.

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