Check Out the South Waterfront's Giant Dream Dock

The already bougie South Waterfront is going to get a whole lot bougier.

By 2032, the South Waterfront is going to be the coolest place in Portland.

Portland has wildly popular swimming docks south of the Hawthorne Bridge and Sellwood Bridge, but they’re often overridden with boats that never leave and un-neutered dogs.

This isn't what Portland will look like in the future.

Zidell Yards has just unveiled renderings for their vision of the South Waterfront, as reported by Portland Business Journal. Though only conceptual at this point, the renderings are a major step to making the vision of a 33-acre park a sparkling reality.

Now, the Zidell Yards are where big-top shows like Cavalia and Cirque du Soleil are held. The Zidell Yards have been used as site to build barges and dismantle ships since the mid-century. In September, they announced they will build their last barge this spring, which would accelerate the South Waterfront redevelopment.

The plan is for the barge-loading zone to become a public access point, which will be a massive dock. Also in the renderings is a pool overlooking the river which would be perhaps to bougiest thing ever to come to Portland, even more than BikeTown or expensive tacos.

The 33-acre plan includes 15 to 20 new buildings, which would include both residential and commercial spaces, including a hotel and grocery store, as well as nine acres of public park, which would stretch under the Ross Island Bridge.

Early infrastructure construction could begin in the later part of 2017.

(Zidell Yards)

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