Portland Jewish Group Protesting Anti-Muslim Hate Tonight

Protest called Stand Against Islamophobia Is Wednesday at Pioneer Square

A local Jewish group is marking Hanukkah with a protest against anti-Muslim hate.

The election of Donald Trump as president and a rise in reported "hate incidents" over the past six weeks have inspired the group, Jewish Voice for Peace, to host a "Stand Against Islamophobia" protest from 4:45 pm to 6 pm tonight in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

More than two dozen other, similar events will take place across the nation, and the event will feature a small service and singing to protest hate crimes and the proposed policies of the pending Trump administration.

"It's an important political moment," says Naomi Dunn, spokeswoman for the Jewish Voice for Peace. "We want to speak out against rising hate, bigotry, and prejudiced state policies. There has been so much more in the news around hate crimes, deportations, and Muslim registries and it's time for people to get involved."

Visit the Jewish Voice for Peace Facebook events page for more info.