City Commissioner Amanda Fritz Proposes Spending $50,000 for Legal Defense of Immigration Cases

The proposal is up for a vote Wednesday and is likely to pass.

City Commissioner Amanda Fritz is proposing a concrete financial step toward establishing the city's reputation as a haven for immigrants.

In a proposal that is backed by Mayor Ted Wheeler and will likely win the support of City Council next week, Fritz wants to provide $50,000 to Metropolitan Public Defenders to help with immigration cases.

"Metropolitan Public Defenders will work in the community through community-based organizations to help individuals and families with immigration cases, record clearing, family safety plans and protection from victimization," said defense lawyer Alex Bassos.

Wheeler has previously pledged to maintain Portland's status as a sanctuary city, meaning law enforcement won't help with Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests for keeping people in jail based solely on their immigration status.

"The Mayor and I are committed not only to be a sanctuary city, but to also be a welcoming city," said Fritz. Here's her full press release.