Twitter has been famously trying to clean hate speech and abuse its accounts, dumping bots and white supremacists. One week ago, for instance, the social-media giant suspended the accounts of dozens of people affiliated with the Proud Boys.

It also locked down a seemingly uncontroversial account from East Portland—@ Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson tweeted the news out on Thursday.

The account is in month one, with different East Portland residents taking a turn running it, offering stories of life on the east edges of the city. "The idea is to give a voice to people living here," Tweeted @eastpdx (with activist and formal mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone at the keyboard) on July 13.

This week was Vega Pederson, who didn't have an explanation for why she was barred.

"It wasn't technical—I was barred for 12 hours, but I haven't the faintest as to what the reason could be," emails Vega Pederson. "Too many cute pictures? East Portland bias? Your guess is as good as mine."

"And nothing was flagged to be taken down that I know of," she adds.

What was Vega Pederson doing with the account this week? Talking about her favorite spots in East Portland.

Here's Vega Pederson's description of what she was up to this week:

Twitter didn't immediately respond to a Tweeted inquiry about the reason for the lockout.