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Portland DoubleTree Fires Two Employees for Kicking Black Guest Out of Hotel

"We have terminated the employment of the two men involved in the mistreatment of [Jermaine] Massey. Their actions were inconsistent with our standards & values.

The DoubleTree Hotel in Portland announced Saturday the firing of two men who were involved in kicking a black man out of the hotel on Dec. 22.

The treatment of Jermaine Massey, 34, a paid guest, set off a social media firestorm after Massey filmed the incident where a security guard challenged his presence and ultimately had him forced out of the hotel by police.

The Lloyd District hotel first tried to explain away the incident, but then apologized to Massey on Friday and announced they were placing the employees on leave.

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On Saturday, the hotel followed up saying two employees had been terminated.

The Saturday announcement from the hotel follows national press coverage of the incident, including an appearance on "CNN's Tonight with Don Lemon" on Friday by Massey and his attorney, Gregory Kafoury, who is based in Portland.

Kafoury in his appearance called the hotel's response "corporate gobbledygook," saying he intended to push Hilton Hotels, which owns DoubleTree, for the policy reasons for why Massey had been targeted. He has also indicated Massey will consider legal action.

Lemon asked Massey for his impressions of why the country has seen repeated calls for police to deal with black people engaged in routine, noncriminal behavior.

"It's hurtful," Massey told Lemon. "It's humiliating and I don't understand why it continues to be an issue."