A county watchdog panel has cleared City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly of any wrongdoing related to her unusual get-out-the-vote effort before the November 2018 general election.

On the Friday before Election Day, Eudaly led city workers, operating on taxpayer time, to distribute information about how to vote. The Multnomah County Republican Party filed a complaint Oct. 29 accusing Eudaly of illegally using public funds for political purposes.

In a Jan. 16 report, the Tax Supervising & Conservation Commission wrote that the "event was lawful and the funds were appropriately budgeted. Therefore, there is no malfeasance."

In a Jan. 29 response to the findings, Eudaly chief of staff Marshall Runkel wrote that Eudaly's "office is encouraged by the results of the GOTV efforts," citing increases in voter turnout in the four precincts targeted as compared with one the GOTV effort couldn't visit.