Tim DuBois, a Portland carpenter, has create a campaign finance committee to run for City Council in 2020.

DuBois, 35, will run to replace three-term incumbent Amanda Fritz, who announced in April that she won't be running in 2020. Fritz's other challengers include Latino Network Executive Director Carmen Rubio and Portland State University student advisor Candace Avalos.

"It seems that there's just an extreme mismanagement of our bureaus," DuBois tells WW.

He served on the board of his neighborhood association, the Sellwood-Moreland Improvement League, from 2016 to 2018 and does not have other political experience. He's the lead carpenter at Classic Sash & Door, a window and door installation company in Portland.

DuBois says he's disappointed in City Hall for its management of various bureaus, citing the closing of local community centers and parks, including a community center near his home in Sellwood-Moreland.

"Our bureaus are just being mismanaged, he says, "and I think there just needs to be a little bit more of efficient, smart management over the bureaus at City Hall."


He's also keeping homelessness in mind, he says, adding that the city does not have a grasp of the problem nor is it addressing the underlying issues.

"They're trying to get a quick answer," says DuBois, who argued that Salt Lake City's plan of "aggressive case management" could be effective if implemented by Portland.

He also says Portland has made it overly difficult, complex and costly to build housing and wants "a greater diversity" of housing and innovation.

"We need to make room for more innovative ideas and housing and make it available in larger parts of the city, particularly close to transit and job centers," DuBois says.

DuBois plans to graduate from Portland State University with a master's degree in urban and regional planning in June 2020.

He has not reported any campaign finance activity as of publication, according to the Oregon Secretary of State website.