At Least Six Immigrants in Federal Prison Outside Portland Were Separated From Their Children at the Border

Those six men were seeking asylum from Mexico, Guatamala and Honduras.

Sen. Jeff Merkley tells WW at least six of the immigrant men detained in a federal prison in Sheridan, Ore. are fathers who were separated from their children.

Those six men were seeking asylum from Mexico, Guatamala and Honduras, according to Merkley's office.

But most of the immigrants detained in the federal prison did not come from Central America. Many traveled from far-flung countries in Asia, the Middle East and even Europe. They speak 13 languages and were born in 16 different nations.

Countries of Origin of immigrant men detained in Sheridan prison:

India 52 detainees
Nepal 18
Guatemala 12
Mexico 10
Honduras 7
China 5
Eritrea 5
Armenia 3
Bangladesh 2
Peru 2
Mauritania 2
Brazil, Cameroon, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Russia 1 each

Source: Offices of Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley

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