The U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon charged 16 people, including one teenager, for refusing to comply with officer orders during the month-long protest outside of the federal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland.

The 15 adult defendants chose to plead not guilty and take their cases to trial on Nov. 2. They were arrested during a 39-day "Occupy ICE" protest that started on June 17 and temporarily shut down the ICE building. The protesters opposed the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" and family separation policies.

"When our government blatantly commits human rights violations while our elected representatives refuse to act, we are morally compelled to take action and stand in solidarity with immigrants, refugees, their children, and their families," an activist group called the Portland General Defense Committee said in a press release announcing the protesters' intent to take their cases to trial.

"The majority of [the defendants] plan to reject any and all plea deals," the release continued, "and plead not guilty to all charges on the grounds that ICE is guilty of human rights violations, abusing and terrorizing immigrants, refugees, and citizens."

Most of the protesters were charged with two misdemeanors, including failure to comply with lawful direction of a federal officer and creating disturbances.

The U.S. Attorney's Office provided a list of defendants and their charges:

  1. Cameron Cruscial, 26, from Salem, OR
  2. Lauren Halcomb-Hudson, 28, from Milwaukee, OR
  3. Mackenzie Hilmes, 22, from Portland, OR
  4. Emma Mavros, 23, from Vancouver, WA
  5. Anna Moklayk, 20, from Portland, OR
  6. Kathryn Pyland, 22, from Portland, OR
  7. Stuart Tanquist, 56, from Portland, OR
  1. Unnamed Juvenile Defendant, from Beaverton, OR
  2. Jesse Charlen, 18, from Portland, OR
  3. Jason Cyders, 22, from Vancouver, WA
  4. Casey Devon, 20, from West Linn, OR
  5. Anthony Hadden, 40 from Portland, OR
  6. Dafloretta Lamv, 24, from Portland, OR
  7. Charles Stubbs, 40, from Portland, OR
  8. Clementine Valor, 19, from Portland, OR

Arrested on July 20, 2018

  1. Samuel Resnick, 27, from Portland, OR

Resnick was only charged with failing to comply with a lawful direction.