Portland Police have made another arrest from the political demonstration on Aug. 17th that took place in downtown Portland between the far-right group the Proud Boys and antifascist counter-protestors.

24-year old Hannah Ahern was arrested on Aug. 28th in Tigard after being issued an arrest warrant by the Portland Police Bureau. She was arrested on one count of disorderly conduct in the second degree.

Police provided no information regarding what crime they allege Ahern committed. Videos taken on the day of the protest appeared to show her spitting in the direction of officers; several of them then forcefully detained her.

According to the bureau, this is the 15th arrest relating to the Aug. 17th demonstration, which brought the Vancouver-based right wing group the Proud Boys to rally against antifascists.

The bureau also said in a press release on Aug. 30 that a Multnomah County grand jury indicted five men on felony charges relating to the Aug. 17 demonstration.

They all face a single felony riot count.

The men are 21-year old Zachary Lange, 51-year old Richard Klimek, 37-year old Alexander Dial, 33-year old Antonio Zamora, and 48-year old Evan Duke.

Zamora was arrested earlier today, and charged in the attack of a bus carrying far-right protesters out of town.

Each of the men face additional charges. The charges include criminal mischief in the second degree, attempted criminal mischief, assault in the second and third degree, and theft in the first degree.

It's not clear what ideological affiliations the indicted protesters have, but context clues from the day of the protest suggest most of them were antifascists opposed to the Proud Boys' visit.

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said prior to the event that the city was expecting violence. In preparation for the demonstrations, the bureau increased its presence at the event and corralled the Proud Boys and antifascists into different sections of the city, preventing any major violence between the two groups.

Upon their departure, the Proud Boys claimed to have accomplished their goal: draining the city's law enforcement resources. The group pledged to return to the city monthly until Mayor Ted Wheeler condemns antifascists.