Tusitala “Tiny” Toese’s Probation Officer Asks Judge to Revoke His Probation and Sentence Him to One Year in Custody

This is the second time this summer that Toese has faced an arrest warrant.

Tusitala “Tiny” Toese appeared in court for a hearing in February for an assault charge. (Justin Katigbak)

The probation officer for Tusitala "Tiny" Toese, a Proud Boy convicted of assaulting a Portland man in 2018, has asked a judge to sign a warrant for Toese's arrest, revoke his probation and sentence him to one year in jail.

This is the second time this summer that Toese, 24, has faced an arrest warrant. As WW first reported, Multnomah County Circuit Judge Benjamin Souede issued an arrest warrant for Toese in June after he allegedly violated his probation by beating a man near a Seattle protest zone.

Toese was held in the Multnomah County Jail overnight on June 23 and released the next day with an ankle monitoring bracelet. Now, according to records shared with WW, his probation officer, Heather Fowler, says Toese skipped a meeting with her on July 30, failed to charge his GPS ankle monitoring bracelet and traveled to locations not permitted by his parole agreement.

He's on probation for punching Tim Ledwith in the face on a Northeast Portland sidewalk in 2018.

As part of his probation conditions set by Judge Eric Dahlin in June, Toese was required to regularly alert his probation officer of his whereabouts. He was also restricted to travel from his home to meetings with his attorney or parole officer, to work or to medical appointments.

However, according to an Aug. 7 probation report, the monitoring device tracked him traveling to places outside of those outlined in his agreement, including a pub on July 26. Toese also failed at times to disclose his location to his probation officer, the report says.

Now Fowler has asked Multnomah County Circuit Judge Kathleen Dailey to issue an arrest warrant, revoke Toese's probation and sentence him to one year in jail.

"In accordance with Multnomah County's sanctioning guidelines," the probation report says, "and considering that an administrative sanction in this instance is not likely to be effective in producing positive offender change and revocation is being recommended, the following recommendation is provided for the Court's consideration: Find in violation. Revoke probation and sentence to 1 year jail."

Fowler issued a similar request for a warrant on July 22. It is unclear why that request went unanswered. But now Fowler is reiterating those previous probation violations and pointing to new ones.

"In the short period of time since the previous report was written, Mr. Toese has continued to ignore his supervision requirements," the probation report says. "By refusing to report, failing to charge his GPS and not providing any information in regards to where he is staying, Mr. Toese is making himself unavailable for supervision."

Judge Dailey, to whom the probation report seeking an arrest warrant was addressed, has not yet responded to the request.

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