The University of Oregon has demanded that anti-immigration advocacy group Oregonians for Immigration Reform change its logo to make the "O" in OFIR less similar to the college's trademark.

The university says OFIR's logo is too similar to its own and the college does not want to be mistaken as supporting the group in any way.

"Oregonians For Immigration Reform (OFIR) is using a highly similar version of our client's O trademark in connection with its anti-immigrant message and fundraising for the message," a May 7 letter sent to OFIR by university counsel Kevin M. Hayes at Portland-based Klarquist Sparkman, LLP. "The University of Oregon neither supports your message, desires to be associated with your message, nor wishes to assist in your fundraising efforts."

The Register Guard  first reported the letter's existence, after learning it had been sent five days after a student group that supports Chicanos in college asked the university to take action against OFIR.

The letter notes that the Southern Poverty Law Center called OFIR a "hate group" earlier this year because of it's anti-immigrant rhetoric and organizing.

OFIR is gathering signatures to support a ballot measure that would repeal Oregon's sanctuary state law and allow local law enforcement officials to aid federal immigration agents.