Gov. Kate Brown Wants to Move Harriet Tubman Middle School

“She supports moving the school—regardless of the Rose Quarter project.”

No More Freeways Rally No More Freeways Rally at Harriet Tubman Middle School. (Mick Hangland-Skill)

A key sticking point of the contentious Interstate 5 project through the Rose Quarter is the fact that a wider highway could make air quality worse for Harriet Tubman Middle School near the freeway’s shoulder.

But a compromise appears to be in the works: Gov. Kate Brown supports moving the school, regardless of what form the highway project takes.

Her office wasn’t yet ready to announce a dollar figure for how much she would give Portland Public Schools to move the middle school.

“The governor finds the air quality and health impacts to students at Harriet Tubman Middle School to be very concerning, and she supports moving the school—regardless of the Rose Quarter project,” said Brown spokesperson Elizabeth Merah. “The governor is committed to partnering to explore options and what resources might be available at all levels of government.”

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