Despite Efforts to Block Him, Donald Trump Will Appear on Oregon’s May Primary Ballot

A national effort to sideline the former president hits a road block here.

The state’s top elections official announced today that her agency will print former President Donald Trump’s name on the May primary ballot, despite the efforts of some Oregonians to block him.

Efforts are underway across the country to block Trump from the ballot because of his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on Congress. So far, those efforts aren’t making much headway.

Secretary of State LaVonne Griffiin-Valade noted that her office had received a lot of communication from Oregonians hoping to exclude Trump, who also faces criminal indictments in multiple jurisdictions, but she said there’s nothing that disqualifies the former president.

“Oregon law does not give me the authority to determine the qualifications of candidates in a presidential primary,” said Griffin-Valade said. “I will follow our usual process and expect to put Donald Trump on the primary ballot unless a court directs me otherwise.”

In a statement, Griffin-Valade’s office explained the rationale for her decision, which came after consultation with the Oregon Department of Justice:

“State law treats presidential primary elections differently than other elections where the secretary has the authority to disqualify a candidate. In a presidential primary, voters are not deciding who will hold office or even who will go on the general election ballot. Instead, they are communicating their preference to party delegates who choose a nominee at the party’s nominating convention.”

In 2020, Democrat Joe Biden defeated Trump in Oregon 56% to 40% with minor-party candidates capturing 4% of the vote.

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