Have you been avoiding clicking the little weather app on your phone because, ugh, it's just going to tell you that you're in for more hot and sticky and gross.

Well, open 'em up. There's a cloud. Yes, forecast shows that it's expected that the rains will finally return to cleanse this scorched land this weekend.

The National Weather Service lists highs in the low 70s for Sunday s, as well as a chance for rain thanks to a cold front that will push through the area starting on Saturday. "There's a chance for a few 100ths to a 10th of an inch of rain," says NWS spokesperson Matthew Cullen. "So not too much."

Portland last had rain a whopping 55 days ago. That's tied for the third longest time the city has gone without rain. The last time that happened was 1952 and 1960. That's right, the USSR was still a thing.

This weekend's forecast comes on the tail end of a brutal heat wave in Portland. Temperatures reached as high as 105 degrees on August 3rd. Yeah. And that wasn't even a record, though "we did have some days that set individual records," Cullen says.

In terms of absolutely hellish heat, August continues to deliver. Cullen says we're above our monthly temperature average so far, but don't count on a record for the entire month. With the cold front rolling through, "we should start to cool down," he says.