If you were considering celebrating the Fourth of July in the wilderness with fireworks, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has issued an annual  reminder—don't.

This afternoon, the department published a press release asking Oregonians not to set off fireworks in parks or on beaches.

Along with the fact that it's extra weird to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, fireworks pose a threat to the environment.

"Fireworks can hurt people, cause wildfires, harm wildlife and create litter and debris," associate director of state parks Chris Havel said in a press release. "We are asking visitors to do their part and respect fireworks rules."

Hopefully, the fire-damaged trails still closed in the Columbia Gorge serve as enough of a reminder of the harm fireworks can do to natural areas. But if not, Keep Oregon Green has a handy guide to preventing wildfires, and state park campfire restrictions due to dry conditions can be found here.