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Multnomah Falls Will Be Closed to the Public This Thanksgiving

Consider watching a soothing video of the attraction this holiday instead.

If your typical Thanksgiving plans include a trip to Multnomah Falls to appreciate the beauty of our state before dinner, consider one more holiday tradition scrapped. 

The Columbia River Gorge Forest Service announced on its social media platforms that due to COVID-19 safety considerations and reduced staffing, the entire recreation site will be closed on Nov. 26. That includes the historic lodge, the viewing plaza and the trails.

If you feel like you need a hike to burn off those Thanksgiving meal calories, there are other state parks that will be open during the holiday on both sides of the Columbia River. Check out the Ready, Set, Gorge! website for more information about which areas remain accessible along with warnings about sites that receive high visitation rates in order to help prevent overcrowding.

And if you'd rather stay inside and settle into a food-induced coma, you can still stare at Multnomah Falls from the comfort of your home.

The U.S. Forest Service has posted a video of the attraction on its Facebook page. Set on a loop, it's more soothing than a Yule log.