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Mt. Hood Meadows Is Suspending Season Passes of Guests Who Refuse to Wear Masks

Some particularly hostile visitors have already been removed from the resort and then stripped of their passes.

If you don't plan to comply with face mask requirements on Mount Hood, consider your ski season over.

Mt. Hood Meadows is now cracking down on guests who violate that critical pandemic safeguard by suspending their season passes. While the resort says most of its guests are following directions and covering up, outliers who either wear a mask incorrectly or flat out refuse to put one on threaten the health of others—as well as Meadows' ability to keep operating.

"What's even more disappointing," said general manager Greg Pack in a press release, "is the belligerent, argumentative and downright disrespectful behavior that a few of our guests express towards our team when asked to wear their face masks."

Meadows has clearly and repeatedly disseminated information about how to recreate as safely as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak, including messaging about using a facial covering that snugly covers both the mouth and nose.

But Pack says some guests have argued that donning a Neoprene mask with "breathing holes" is an acceptable alternative during the pandemic.

Anyone who continues to "threaten the season with their ignorance or defiance" will find themselves without a slope to ski on. Some people have already been removed from the resort and then stripped of their passes.

If guests need to be reminded to wear a mask, they will either receive a warning or a temporary expulsion from Meadows, depending on how they respond.

"If you are polite then we will put a note in your pass profile and you can move on with your day," Pack says. "If you are disrespectful or treat our team members poorly, your pass will be suspended for a minimum of two weeks."

Before a pass is reactivated, offenders must meet with the Department of Public Safety manager and other members of the management team. If further issues arise, the resort will pull the pass for the rest of the season and the guest may not be allowed to purchase one in the future.

"This place is beautiful, the snow has been great. If you want to be here with us, you have to act like it," Pack says. "We will not accept anything less."

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